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A lover of Hard Bass, DJ ParaNoid, as he is widely known, is one of Singapore’s most promising DJs. Honing his skills since the tender age of 18, he was inspired to hit the decks after being introduced to electronic music in 2004. Fast forward 12 years later, he has cultivated and created a unique open- format style of mixing and stage presence so unique and exclusive, it has garnered the approval and praises of many club/bar owners as well as party goers alike. A firm believer of the philosophy that ‘Knowledge is limitless’, when he isn’t infecting parties with his intoxicating remixes, DJ ParaNoid spends his days at SAE Institute, expanding his repertoire as a DJ by venturing into the Audio Engineering field and accumulating more mastery and understanding in music and audio as well as electronic music production.

(The following information are listed from earliest to latest event)

Guest Appearances

CJ Bar
Bianca Supper Club Anastasia
Azzura Beach Club Club 83
Infinity Bar

Key Performances

Official Opening Party – Quaich CJ’s Bar

With his raw talent and skills, DJ Paranoid tremendously impressed both the management of Sentosa and CJ Bar and landed himself as one of the headliners for CJ Bar’s Official Opening Party. His quirky and unique mixing and scratching skills then went on to capture the heart of the crowd that attended the event, getting them all hyped up and dancing and by the end of the night, he was offered a residency at the bar and the rest is history!

Anastasia Party Lounge – The Forbidden City

Before their official debut, DJ Paranoid’s help was engaged to help work the crowd and get them ready and upbeat for the official opening. For 5 hours, he worked the crowd, helping them get into the mood and in the groove, ensuring that when the velvet ropes are cut, the party would already be rocking and the people? Dancing!

EatSleepRaveRepeat – Mansion (Mix-aged)

The first ever mix aged event to happen at Mansion. DJ Paranoid, masked in a Guy Fawkes mask, spun to a crowd of hundreds, dishing out some of the best hits for the final hour, ensuring that unforgettable memories and unparalleled dance experiences are made in that last 60 minutes!

A Cheeky Night – The Forbidden City (Mix- aged)

The first ever mix-aged party at The Forbidden City, DJ Paranoid performed for a crowd of more than 700 people that flooded both rooms in The Forbidden City – Bianca and Anastasia for the party. Spinning for both rooms, Paranoid opened and started the party for the party goers (16 and above) at Bianca before switching rooms and increasing the fun tenfold at Anastasia where he took over the reins during the main set.

Vegas-Getaway – Azzura Beach Club

Well known for his ability to read the crowd and to deliver the tunes that gets everyone on their feet, DJ Paranoid was engaged to be responsible for the last set, tasked with the responsibility of making sure the crowd was ecstatic and fist bumping till the club shuts its doors, a task he executed and completed flawless during the Vegas-Getaway party at Azzura Beach Club.

LinkedIn Pte Ltd Summer Party – Azzura Beach Club

Spinning at the first Summer Party ever organized by LinkedIn, the popular international platform for business social networking, DJ Paranoid dazzled the management and event organizers with his immaculate performance and received praises for his ability to work the party and get the conglomerate on their feet and tapping to the beats!

Guinness World Record Relay – Marina Barrage

DJ Paranoid was among some of Singapore’s most prominent DJs that participated in the longest club DJ session relay that broke the Guinness World Record. The entire event was attended by 133 DJs and the record was broken on the 9th of August 2014.

OCBC Halloween Party – Marina Mandarin

Engaged to perform as a Guest DJ for OCBC’s Halloween Party, DJ Paranoid wowed the guests with his intoxicating beats and infectious hits and received praised from the head of the OCBC’s DnD Committee for his technical abilities and a job well done!

The New Paper Party – Kallang Wave Sportshub

DJ Paranoid was one of the 50 DJs chosen to spin at ‘The New Paper Party’, a mega extravaganza that converted an entire mall into a gigantic dance club. He was featured on all the marketing collaterals for this event which included an event poster and an article written on the popular local newspaper, The New Paper itself.

Scoot’s 1st Anniversary at Zouk

DJ Paranoid was engaged to helm the decks for Scoot’s 1st Anniversary at Zouk. For 2 days, he served up his idiosyncratic blends of disco beats for their Disco segment, receiving praise and recognition from the firm’s employees for his capabilities.

Reminiscent – Kachang Putih, Boat Quay

DJ Paranoid spun alongside other prominent Singapore DJs for this private deep house party that was designed to promote different genres of House and Underground music. With this opportunity to showcase his proficiency in a much less requested music genre, he gave his all and was rewarded with a dance floor packed and praises from the management and party goers.

Entity at CJ Bar – Quaich, RWS Singapore

A multi genre event organized by Rainbow Productions, DJ Paranoid was personally handpicked by the management to perform a closing Hardstyle act during the party. He ended the night with the bar packed full with dancing party animals at 5 AM, impressing the organizers and the CJ Bar crew, especially when 3 popular notable youtubers and bloggers, Sylee, Luna Woo and Dawn Chan sang praises about the event and his set on Social Media.

The Entity Series by Rainbow Productions – Entity 2, 3, 4

With the success of the very first Entity event, Rainbow Productions made the Entity events a permanent monthly extravaganza at CJ Bar and ParaNoid was confirmed and contracted to be one of Entity’s resident headliners for Hardstyle’s Segment, spinning alongside upcoming influential DJs, each highly skilled in their own respective genres. To date, he has spun for all 4 installations of the Entity series, including one held on Christmas Eve, exciting the crowd with his potent concoction of invigorating rhythms and beats throughout the night.

Luxi Dance Club

One of the newest dance clubs that have been making significant waves in the party circuits. Dance club, Luxi has quickly gained the likes of both the expats and locals with its beautiful, roving, LED lighting and lasers, powerful array speakers and its sheer opulence. ParaNoid was invited to spin for the first week of it’s opening which quickly extended to 2 after he impressed the management with his remarkable performances and infectious personality.

Dansation (Sherbet 2)

Dansation is a mixed genre event that is held at Sherbet 2, a total of 5 DJs were invited to spin that night, inclusive of 2 Vietnamese DJs that were flown in for the party as well as ParaNoid. An event to celebrate dance, the night showcased the very best of local and international dance tunes, allowing the DJs and ParaNoid to flaunt their skills on the deck and perform to a live audience the beats they know best.

Nusa & Khao (NYE dinner and dance party)

ParaNoid’s very first overseas gig. He was invited to helm the decks during New Years’ Eve, serving up an intoxicating blend of dance anthems pleasing and well loved by the crowd.


The mixed-genre event organized by Rainbow Productions, is the very first event in 2016. It was renamed to Basswire to mark the start of a new year and a new direction. DJ ParaNoid was engaged to play as one of the headliners for the Hardstyle’s segment during the second half of the event. He blew the dancefloor away with his unique style of mixing with different sub-genres of Hardstyle and Hardcore.

Rev Up Stomp Out 2

A Hardcore event organized by Singapore Hardcore Crew. ParaNoid, DieFamous as well as Theo Gobenson were engage as supporting Hardstyle acts to create a variety of different styles of Hard Dance. The DJs as well as the event itself was featured in Singapore’s very own DJ magazine, also known as SGDJ Mag, As well as a live broadcast on Ustream on Singapore Hardcore Crew’s channel.

Basswire 2

The second series of Basswire gets even harder. With new DJs in the lineup, Including a Hardcore DJ from france, this is a Hard Dance even that you don’t want to miss.

Entity Returns

Entity Returns again. Bringing back all former DJs who performed in the previous Entity series. With a wide range of DJs to perform in a Open-Format style, this is an event cater to party people with different tastes of music.

Basswire X Entity – Entity Forever

Celebrating Rainbow Productions 1st Anniversary. A huge lineup of DJs were invited to helm the decks on this very special day. With a wider range of genres, including a Trance segment performed by Dj Joshen, the night just could not get any wilder.

Combining both Basswire and Entity into one. With DJ lineups from both Basswire and Entity, this event as been transformed into a massive colaboration.

HardSounds Nation

An event cater to the Hard Dance scene. With ravers and shufflers turning up to stomp the dancefloor with thumping hard kicks from the music, this is a party that is not for the weak hearted.

Full On Hardstyle ft. PHD, Bass Agents @ In-touch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Featuring 2 international DJs from Australia’s Hard Dance brand, PHD, and DJ ParaNoid from Singapore. This is the first time Bass Agents, superstar DJ duo from Malaysia, voted as Best New Local DJ by JUICE Readers Choice Awards, included a Hardstyle DJ from Singapore into their line-up. With Hardstyle fans from 3 different countries combined into one, we had the one and only biggest Hardstyle event in Kuala Lumpur.

The HardSound Nation Series by Rainbow Production

Rainbow productions proudly presents it’s new branding, the HardSound Nation series, featuring all Local and international Hardstyle, Hard trance as well as underground genres artists and DJs to build the underground scene right here in Singapore.

Hardsound Nation Halloween Special featured the new DJ Duo, Double Terror. Combining their skills and different styles of Hardstyle and Hardcore, they emerged right to the top with their insane performance on stage. Along with other Harder Styles DJs, the party lasted all the way till 7am.

Sessions @ Zouk, Phuture. Ft. ParaNoid

Sessions ft DJ ParaNoid at Zouk, Phuture. One of the top 10 clubs in the world. Recognized by it’s unique design and powerful sound system, this is no doubt one of the best nightclubs in Singapore. With the love and support from Hardstyle SG crew members and hardstyle music goers around Asia who turned up, the night started off with ParaNoid playing his unique diverse set of hardstyle and ended off with a short segment Hardcore which came as an unexpected surprise from the Hard Dance fanatic DJ ParaNoid.

Lia Lisse @ Triple X, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

A multi-genre event hosted by the most renowned dance club in Johor Bahru. The event features numerous DJs from both Singapore and Malaysia and DJ Paranoid was engaged to be the the event’s closing act, ending the memorable event with his well-received Hardstyle set.

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