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Kennerve – Having been inspired by the likes of Sasha and John Digweed four years ago, Kennerve took to the decks and has been polishing his craft relentlessly ever since. Besides his involvement with, this promising spark has graced events like Sluice, Elemental @ Insomnia, and Eclectic Selections at Fuse; and has delighted many with this top-notch quality sets of progressive house standards with a twist of dark driving basslines.

Kennerve – A key member in Frontal and Groove Genetics Consortium, local groups that is in the forefront of the progressive music scene in Singapore. Kennerve has DJed in Insomnia, Nox and Fuse and is not afraid to introduce new sounds to the crowd. Feel the strong driving set from the up and coming lad.

Kennerve is a burning furnace of “emotions”. To everyone else that knows him, he’s just an emotional personal who knows a good tune when he hears one.

Kennerve has been DJing for the past 7 years. Only of recent years has his profile been heightened due to various high profile gigs and places he had played. His style of uplifting progressive house and trance has awed numerous crowds in clubs he never played before. From Phuture’s Sessions to the recent launch party of at Centro and warming with the likes of Phil K, Kasey Taylor and PQM at MilkBar.

His ability to always read the crowd before putting down his next record can draw the dullest crowd to hit the dance floor within minutes. He is well-known to play from the deeper shades of house to uplifting progressive trance towards the end of his set. Acknowledged as a tastemaker, be prepared to be taken by storm on his one ride filled with ethereal vocals and lovely tunes.

Armed with a vast knowledge on dance music and a position as music editor on, Kennerve has always been in the fore front in the ever-changing dance music scene. His in-depth interviews with international jocks and artists has brought much-earned credits to onto a higher platform.

“I arrived at the club at 1130 pm to check out warm up Singaporean DJ Kennerve. And I must say that I am amazed by his constant ability to draw crowds instantly with the first track he puts on the turntable.” –

A widely renown individual in the local Djing scene, Kennerve has established a no-nonsense cognition towards dance music and the club scene. Drawing a large influence over progressive house in the mid 90s, he took to the decks and has been polishing his craft relentless ever since.  Along with a strong passion about dance music, he went on to set up an online portal together with like-minded individuals and due to his vast knowledge on dance music, positioned himself as the music editor on His in-depth interviews with international electronic dance musicians have propelled him to greater understanding on the works behind every artiste.

Kennerve is recognized for his trademark sound of deeper shades of house to uplifting, pulsating, progressive numbers. His particular style has brought him to grace every major clubs in Singapore, which have awed countless crowds. He proceeded to play alongside Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), Mauro Picotto, John Askew and Moshic to name but a few. Acknowledged as a tastemaker, prepare to be taken on an epic ride filled with ethereal vocals on twisted bassline.

From a humble beginning with no prior musical training, Kennerve has been polishing his craft relentlessly from the start since the late 90s. A widely renown individual within the local club scene, Kennerve has established a exemplary track record as a experienced resident DJ. He has also graced the decks  alongside with international headlines like Congorock, Jack Beats, B Traits, Vandalism, DJ Beatbreaker and many more. In recent years, he was invited not once, but twice (2010 & 2011) to usher Singapore’s biggest New Year Eve countdown event held annually at The Float at Marina Bay. Currently, Kennerve is holding residency at Club Dream spinning a style of uplifting Progressive House, Mashups or simply EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

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