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All-in-One (Group of 2 – 1st Installment)


$587.13 (incl. 4.1% admin fee)

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Choice of CDJs or Turntables
Industry Standard Equipments

BASIC: Lessons 1 – 3 (Without Software)
– Introduction to DJing
– Introduction to CDJs or Turntables
– Introduction to mixer
– Basic setup of equipment
– Equipment and their functions
– Introduction to basic beat matching
– Basic tempo adjust and pitching

BASIC: Lessons 4 – 6 (With Serato Scratch DJ)
– Introduction to Serato Scratch Live
– Basic setup of Serato Scratch Live
– Reading the tracks on the Macbook
– Reading of the waveform
– Identification of music genre
– Practice of beat matching without Serato Scratch Live
– Practice of beat matching with Serato Scratch Live
– Recoding your own mix

INTERMEDIATE: Lessons 1 – 6 (With & Without Serato DJ)
– Advanced beat matching, blending and cutting
– Professional tips to iron out any bad habits
– Resolves any problems with your mixing
– EQ, monitoring and headphone levels
– Panning and levels
– Matching phrases and placing mixes professionally
– Performance tricks including spin backs, stops and more
– Matching rhythms and avoiding key clashes
– Advanced CD/Turntable mixing
– Using Pioneer CDJs/Technics Turntables
– Vinyl mode, pitch controls and time-stretching
– Creating cue points and loops
– Using hot cue function to trigger samples
– Adding FX and Hot Mixing (Sampling)
– Learn best places to add effects to enhance your mixes
– MP3 mixing using Serato Scratch Live through regular turntables
– Hot cues in Scratch Live
– Play with crowd simulator

ADVANCED: Lessons 1 – 5  (With and without Software)
– Doing a Transition down to drop the energy/bpm of your set
– Doing a Transition up to boost the energy/bpm of your set
– Track Arrangement according to energy level
– Track Identification (how many bars on the intro, breakdown & outro)
– Advance EQing to ensure maximum impact in the mix
– Use of Effects at the correct time
– Club Set preparation
– Using of Midi controllers (Novation Dicer)
– Reading the crowd & crowd interactions
– Track Selection Advice
– Play with crowd simulator

Production: Lessons 1-8

  • Overview: The History of Electronic Dance Music
  • The Role Of An Electronic Dance Music Producer
  • Introducing Tools Of The Trade
  • Basics of Digital Audio in Electronic Music Production
  • Basics Of MIDI
  • Plug-In Technologies Explained
  • Introduction To Ableton Live
  • A New Way Of Listening To Music
  • Production: Introduction To Ableton’s Simpler
  • Production: Make A Basic Multitrack Drum Beat
  • Production: Introduction To Synthesizers (Sylenth1)
  • Production: Recreating A Beat
  • Production: Recreating A Bassline
  • Production: Recreating A Melody
  • Engineering: Introduction to Basic EQ
  • Engineering: Introduction to Basic Compression
  • Production: Putting It All Together (from Lesson 4)
Lesson 1
Scratch Theory 1: Scratch Notations/Hamster & Regular
Scratch Practical 1: Baby Scratch
Scratch Practical 2: Tear Scratches
Scratch Practical 3: Forward Cuts (Stabs)
Digital Application 1: Recording

Lesson 2
Lesson 1 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 2: Vinyl Markings
Scratch Practical 4: Transformer
Scratch Practical 5: 1 Click Flares
Scratch Practical 6: Chirps
Digital Application 2: Vinyl vs Absolute vs Relative (Serato)

Lesson 3
Lesson 2 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 3: Technicality vs Musicality
Scratch Practical 7: Original Flare
Scratch Practical 8: Crabs
Scratch Practical 9: 3 Click Crescent Flares
Digital Application 3: Scratching with Effects

Lesson 4
Lesson 3 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 4: Rhyme Scheme
Scratch Practical 10: Swing Flare
Scratch Practical 11: Autobahn (Short)
Scratch Practical 12: Boomerangs
Additional Application 1: Drumming

Lesson 5
Lesson 4 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 5: Syncopation
Scratch Practical 13: Red Light District
Scratch Practical 14: Waves
Scratch Practical 15: Lazers
Additional Application 2: Basic Controllerism

Lesson 6
Lesson 5 Routine Review
Beat Juggling:
– Looping
– Off Rocking
– Tap Pausing

Lesson 7
Lesson 6 Routine Review
Trick Mixing:
– Scratch In / Chop
– Muting the Drums
– Word Play
– Tone Play

Lesson 8
Lesson 7 Routine Review
Q & A (Anything DJ / Turntablism Related)


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