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Basic Turntablism (Individual, 1st Installment)

turn indv 1st payment

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$343.53 (incl. 4.1% admin fee)


$800.00 for 8 lessons

OR $110.00 per lesson
– Total of 8 lessons
– Total of 8 hours of Training
– 1 hour per lesson

– Usual $800.00 each
– NOW $750.00 each for 8 lessons

OR $100.00 per lesson
– Total of 8 lessons
– Total of 10 hours of Training
– 1 hour 15 minutes per lesson

Product Description


This course aims to educate new DJs to another level of “turntabling”. This is to cultivate interest in utilizing the turntable as an instrument itself in addition to it being a music-playing tool. Students will learn various essential basic scratch, trick mixing and beat juggling techniques. Each lesson will provide a recap and performance review of the previous lesson’s skill sets taught. Ultimately this course aims to produce more creative individuals in terms of being a DJ and also a generally better informed listener.

Lesson 1
Scratch Theory 1: Scratch Notations/Hamster & Regular
Scratch Practical 1: Baby Scratch
Scratch Practical 2: Tear Scratches
Scratch Practical 3: Forward Cuts (Stabs)
Digital Application 1: Recording

Lesson 2
Lesson 1 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 2: Vinyl Markings
Scratch Practical 4: Transformer
Scratch Practical 5: 1 Click Flares
Scratch Practical 6: Chirps
Digital Application 2: Vinyl vs Absolute vs Relative (Serato)

Lesson 3
Lesson 2 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 3: Technicality vs Musicality
Scratch Practical 7: Original Flare
Scratch Practical 8: Crabs
Scratch Practical 9: 3 Click Crescent Flares
Digital Application 3: Scratching with Effects

Lesson 4
Lesson 3 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 4: Rhyme Scheme
Scratch Practical 10: Swing Flare
Scratch Practical 11: Autobahn (Short)
Scratch Practical 12: Boomerangs
Additional Application 1: Drumming

Lesson 5
Lesson 4 Routine Review
Scratch Theory 5: Syncopation
Scratch Practical 13: Red Light District
Scratch Practical 14: Waves
Scratch Practical 15: Lazers
Additional Application 2: Basic Controllerism

Lesson 6
Lesson 5 Routine Review
Beat Juggling:
– Looping
– Off Rocking
– Tap Pausing

Lesson 7
Lesson 6 Routine Review
Trick Mixing:
– Scratch In / Chop
– Muting the Drums
– Word Play
– Tone Play

Lesson 8
Lesson 7 Routine Review
Q & A (Anything DJ / Turntablism Related)

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