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Product Description

The DDJ-T1, a new DJ controller for the TRAKTOR DJ software, which offers the same operability as our professional DJ players and mixers.

In recent years, the DJ and club market has seen an increase in DJs who use music files such as MP3 in addition to CDs and it is becoming more popular for DJ to use software installed in a computer.

The newly released DDJ-T1 DJ controller is designed for use with the TRAKTOR software, which makes it possible for DJs to play with music files on a computer. The controller has the same operability and layout as our professional DJ equipment, so you can give high-level performances using the TRAKTOR DJ software.


Uses a layout that matches the interface of the TRAKTOR DJ Software to ensure a high level of operability
The effect area of the controller uses the same layout as the interface of the DJ software to provide the same operation and feel. The controller has excellent operability because it has the same player and mixer layout as our professional DJ equipment and is equipped with jog dials with a diameter of 115 mm. In addition to the needle search function to quickly find a playback point, a load button to load song data, and a master/sync button to match song speed and tempo are assigned to each channel of the mixer area, so you can intuitively mix four channels.


Includes a dock to connect with your laptop
The dock allows you to insert the keyboard of a laptop under the controller. Since the computer is near the controller, you can easily monitor the DJ software or song information while DJing.


Connecting the controller only requires a USB cable, so you can start DJing by simply plugging in
You can connect the controller and computer with just a USB cable, so you can truly “plug and play”. Since all of the buttons and knobs have already been pre-assigned to DJ software functions, it’s easy to start DJing without any complicated settings. Furthermore, the controller can be powered by the USB port of a computer.*1


Bundled with dedicated TRAKTOR PIONEER DDJ-T1 EDITION software that is loaded with original functions
The controller comes with TRAKTOR PIONEER DDJ-T1 EDITION software that includes a four-channel deck control to control 4 songs simultaneously and a channel fader start function that can create cue starts*2 by simply using the channel fader of the controller.


A high quality design for a clear and powerful DJ sound
Pioneer has utilized technologies developed from its professional DJ equipment, including audio circuits from its DJ mixer in the master output terminal area, to ensure high quality sound. In addition, audio characteristics optimal for the TRAKTOR DJ software have been included to realize a clear and powerful DJ sound.


Other features

– The industry’s first*3 lock mechanism ‘P-LOCK Fader Cap’ is equipped on the crossfader and each channel fader to prevent the fader caps from slipping off during intense DJing.
– Built-in audio interface


*1 Some functions are limited. Furthermore, depending on the power supply of the USB port of the computer, the controller may not operate on bus power. If this occurs, connect the included AC adapter.
*2 A function to start playback from a user-specified point.
*3 According to research by Pioneer as of November 2010. Patent pending. 


Included software


Input terminals

MIC x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE)
AUX x 1 (RCA)

Output terminals

MASTER OUT x 2 (1/4 inch PHONE x 1, RCA x 1)
HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2 (front 1/4 inch PHONE, Mini Pin)

Other terminals

USB B connector x 1

Frequency range

20 Hz to 20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

0.005% or less

Included AC adapter

Power 100 V AC 50/60 Hz, rated output 5 V DC

External dimensions

680 mm (W) x 95.2 mm (H) x 317.7 mm (D)


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