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DJM 350 W

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Product Description

NEW: Swap effect-set between DJM-350 and DJM-350-W with the new firmware!


The DJM-350 DJ Mixer (released in June 2010) has been well received as Home DJ systems thanks to its ease of use that allows true DJ performances with various music sources. Now available in pearl white, the DJM-350-W provides a glossy finish and cool impression. In addition, the DJM-350-W now includes the very popular DJ effects Noise and Short Echo.


An impressive design to suit various locations
The body of the product is Pearl-White, which goes well with various interior designs and situations. The level meter area employs red, white and blue LED lighting that contrast well with the Pearl-White body.


Direct recording to USB storage devices
The DJM-350-W includes a USB connector (Type A) on the top panel. You can record the DJ mixes you played directly to the USB storage device without a computer or recording device. Since the recorded DJ mixes are saved in WAV format, they can be loaded onto a computer or digital audio player for listening.


Newly includes the very popular DJ effects Noise and Short Echo
Besides the Filter and Jet effects which have gained high popularity among top-level DJs as well as with recreational users, the mixer also includes the Noise and Short Echo effects, which are often used by professional DJs.


– Filter: Greatly changes the tone by removing the high and low ranges from the audio.
– Jet: Adds an effect similar to a jet plane rising and falling cyclically.
– Noise: Creates a wind-like sound by changing the cutoff frequency (audible spectrum) of the filter.
– Short EchoFApplies changes to reverberate sound by turning the knob.


Equipped with an isolating*1 3-band equalizer for each range
The DJM-350-W is equipped with an isolating three-band equalizer with a wide range of level control from +9 db to – in each of the HI, MID, and LOW range. Since each range can be individually controlled, it will be useful in various DJ performances.


Other features

– The industrys first*2 lock mechanism ‘P-LOCK Fader Cap’ is equipped on the crossfader and each channel fader to prevent the fader caps from slipping off during intense DJ-ing.
– Various sound quality design features to provide clear, quality sound for DJ mixing.
– Microphone and auxiliary terminals for connecting digital audio players and microphones.
– A Fader start play function*3 to start Pioneer CDJ players in conjunction with fader operations.
– All channels include a peak level meter to display the input level of the channel.
– A crossfader curve selector function to change the crossfader*4 curve to three patterns.
– An environmentally-friendly auto standby function, which automatically detects operation status and signal input and puts the device in standby when there has been no usage or input for over 20 minutes. (Time to standby can be changed.)


*1 The equalizer eliminates all sounds when the knob is turned all the way.
*2 According to research by Pioneer as of November 2010. Patent pending.
*3 Requires a connection by a control cable.
*4 Can be used for mixing or song changes by simultaneously adjusting the volume of multiple sounds using one fader.

Customers can select the effects they like by installing the DJM-350 and DJM-350-W firmware on our web site. Check the download page for the download procedure and other details.

Effects included at the time of purchase:




Number of channels


Input terminals

CD x 2 (RCA), PHONO x 2 (RCA), MIC x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE x 1), AUX x 1 (RCA)

Output terminals


Other terminals

CONTROL OUT x 2 (3.5 mm MINI JACK), USB A x 1

A/D, D/A converter

48 kHz/24 bit

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