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Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional DJ Turntable


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$1,099.00 (incl. 4.1% admin fee)

Product Description

Quick Overview

A reborn classic.
The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables.

This high-torque direct drive turntable is equipped with a classic layout and a rubber-lined, S-shaped tone arm that improves isolation and prevents feedback.

It is solidly built for excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise, high grade audio playback.

Featuring next generation improvements, the PLX-1000 is the perfect score for professional DJs and vinyl enthusiasts.Combine this turntable with your Pioneer DJM mixer and get the ideal DJ system set-up.

Key features

Turn the tables

The high-torque direct drive makes sure that your tracks reach a rotation speed of 33⅓ rpm in merely 0.3 seconds thanks to a starting torque of 4.5kg/cm (or more).

Plus it ensures stable rotation and exceptional control.

Pick up the pace Unique to this turntable is the multi-pitch tempo control.

Next to a standard variable width of ±8%, you can also select a variable width from ±16% and ±50%.

A simple reset button instantly reverts to the fixed rotation speed at ±0%.

Easily connected For low impendance and amazing sound quality output, you can easily connect to the professional-grade, gold-plated RCA jacks.

Ideal for a DJ on the road, the PLX-1000 has interchangeble power and audio cables.

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