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Basic Music Production Course


Basic Music Production Course

$1,200.00 for 12 lessons OR $110.00 per lesson
– Total of 12 lessons
– Total of 12 hours of Training
– 1 hour per lesson

*Instalment plans are available

– Usual $1,200.00 each
NOW $1,100.00 each for 12 lessons OR $100.00 each per lesson
– Total of 12 lessons
– Total of 14 hours of Training
– 1 hour 15 minutes per lesson

*Instalment plans are available

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Ever wanted to know how megastar producers like Diplo, Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Dada Life make their top hits?

Guided by Singapore’s best kept secret, Effen, this course will help you learn more about basic creation and production of Electronic Dance Music, as well as gaining understanding of the discipline through completing an original production project by the end of this course.

  • Overview: The History of Electronic Dance Music
  • The Role Of An Electronic Dance Music Producer
  • Introducing Tools Of The Trade
  • Basics of Digital Audio in Electronic Music Production
  • Basics Of MIDI
  • Plug-In Technologies Explained
  • Introduction To Ableton Live
  • A New Way Of Listening To Music
  • Production: Introduction To Ableton’s Simpler
  • Production: Make A Basic Multitrack Drum Beat
  • Production: Introduction To Synthesizers (Sylenth1)
  • Production: Recreating A Beat
  • Production: Recreating A Bassline
  • Production: Recreating A Melody
  • Engineering: Introduction to Basic EQ
  • Engineering: Introduction to Basic Compression
  • Production: Putting It All Together (from Lesson 4)
Students are able to purchase Ableton Live 10 Standard and Suite edition at an Educational Price.
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