Hype Emcee Course

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Hype Emcee Course

Individual – $660.00 for 5 lessons, 1 hour per lesson
Instalment plans are available
Course Overview
Basic complication of voice control, voice frequency, voice dependency on Mentee Crowd reading/Crowd control through the usage of the microphone
Self Confidence/Self encouragement on the microphone during live shows
Ad-libs, basic structure of sentences and/or words to use during live on-set showcases
1-to-1 lesson guidance on how to perform on stage during live on-set showcases
Do/Do not’s in the console during work — Showmanship criteria
Stage presence, console etiquettes when on-set and off-set
Understanding on music genres and choices of what to say and speak during training
Music knowledge/understanding and voice lessons conducted by Trainer

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