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Stas is an acclaimed DJ, who started DJing in Singapore 8 years ago, a country which he is proud to call home. He is Australian-Russian.

He has countless high end/luxury events under his belt. This very presentable DJ is known for his ability to pick the right tracks to match the event’s mood and for his high adaptability.



A familiar figure in the entertainment industry, GemStarr’s passion for music propelled him to take on his very first residency as a junior DJ at dbl O Singapore in 2007. After which, he secured more residencies at Singapore’s most renowned clubs and mega clubs between 2012 to 2019 such as Zirca, DREAM, Fenix Room, Suite26, Bang Bang and Altimate,. Occasionally, he also dropped guest acts in DXO Club, Mink, and The Butter Factory.

Ollie’ Des

For over a decade, OLLIE`DES has moved thousands of crowds with his advanced turntable skills and tasteful record selections, scratching, beat juggling and mixing familiar old-school HIPHOP with the new flavours of new-school HIPHOP, R&B, FUNK, DISCO, DANCEHALL, REGGAE, BREAKS, MASH-UPS.



From a humble beginning with no prior musical training, Kennerve has been polishing his craft relentlessly from the start since the late 90s.

A widely renown indivudual within the local club scene, Kennerve has established an exemplary track record as an experienced resident DJ.


MC/DJ Red is an all-rounded artiste that has over 7 years of experience, in most aspects of the entertainment industry, under her belt. Red has performed for many reputable brands, from Garena and Sony, to the likes of Pierre Balmain, TALLY WEiJL, Bread & Butter and Dior.



With his perfect blend of traditional turntablism and broad musical knowledge, TMO has performed at some of Singapore’s top clubs—more notably ZOUK, BANG BANG, ALTIMATE and CANVAS while, ocassionally playing alongside international acts such as DJ PUFFY, MILES MEDINA and LUCKY LOU.

Mad Jester

Mad Jester started DJing in 2013 when turntablism caught his attention. Within a year, he exploded into the local scene, winning local DJ competitions and most recently claiming the crown for Phuture DJ Battle 2017. With numerous titles under his belt, Mad Jester was sought after to perform in countless private events, bars as well as clubs.



EFFEN, the Singaporean DJ and Producer, is currently enjoying the success of his latest single, ‘Hayal’. On the day of its release through the label Future Sound Of Egypt, ‘Hayal’ was featured by Armin Van Buuren on his ‘A State Of Trance’ radio show. The single soon made its way to the prestigious ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify, having entered the Beatport Top 100 charts just days earlier.

Ezra Hazard

Up and coming talent Ezra Hazard, is one of the faces in the resurgence of Big Room in the Asian electronic dance music scene. Having only just entered the scene, the 22 year old Singaporean has already made incredible strides in his music, with his hard hitting tracks already becoming club staples in the Asian clubbing scene.



Nicolas Tze, AKA T-Fresh, being a club emcee/hypeman at heart, T-Fresh travels on tour with big names in the region and leaves the crowd wanting more every single night.

With an undying love for music and always having good vibes while personally filled with great enthusiasm, positivity and energy,


SONORUS is an Emcee/Hypeman. He is an integral piece to the whole show as it is his job to be the support for the main performer. Energetic with a flair of theatrics and even comedic at times, he is the only voice you need resounding within your skull cavity. With a unique voice that changes when he talks and when he hypes, giving the audience and the performer energy and keeping the crowd engaged at all times.


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