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Advanced (Individual, Full Payment)

$520.50 (incl. 4.1% admin fee)

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*Please select date for 1st Lesson. Following lessons will be arranged subsequently.

PRICING: Individual
– Total of 5 lessons
– Total of 5 hours of Training
– 1 hour per lesson

Product Description


Choice of CDJs or Turntables
Industry Standard Equipments

Lessons 1 – 5 (With and without Software)
– Doing a Transition down to drop the energy/bpm of your set
– Doing a Transition up to boost the energy/bpm of your set
– Track Arrangement according to energy level
– Track Identification (how many bars on the intro, breakdown & outro)
– Advance EQing to ensure maximum impact in the mix
– Use of Effects at the correct time
– Club Set preparation
– Using of Midi controllers (Novation Dicer)
– Reading the crowd & crowd interactions
– Track Selection Advice
– Play with crowd simulator

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