School Modules

MODJs is also currently contracted to hold DJ Enrichment Modules, Elective Modules and CCA Programmes for MOE schools all over Singapore. The objective of these enrichment classes is to introduce and educate students on the art of DJing.

Classes will be held at the schools over 20 to 25 hours and they will learn:
1. How to set up a DJ console
2. How DJ Equipments work
3. How a DJ works
4. How to mix 2 tracks seamlessly

During the course of study, they will have a field trip to visit the clubs where the instructors work at. The students will then be able to have a hands-on feeling on how a DJ working environment is like. They will be allowed to go on the DJ stage to mix a few tracks while the other teachers and students watch. This elective and enrichment module gives students an ultimate full on “DJ Experience”.

At the end of the elective module, students will perform at a live showcase in front of the school at assembly.

For more information please download our brochure here

Now who says DJing is not suitable for all ages?

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