SONORUS is an Emcee/Hypeman. He is an integral piece to the whole show as it is his job to be the support for the main performer. Energetic with a flair of theatrics and even comedic at times, he is the only voice you need resounding within your skull cavity. With a unique voice that changes when he talks and when he hypes, giving the audience and the performer energy and keeping the crowd engaged at all times.


He understands that this isn’t an easy job nor a task that should be taken lightly. No matter the scale of the show or what kind of show, the Emcee/Hypeman is always involved. After all, MC stands for ‘Master of Ceremonies’. The show will not run as smooth as you’d want it to be if he’s not on the microphone. Sonorus’s code is that the Emcee is the catalyst that holds a night together. That is an honour and responsibility he loves and commits to share the work of others with an audience. His promise to you is a perfect combination can become a masterful tag team, parallel to a Maestro with a Symphony. He is that voice inside your head. He is Sonorus

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